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How the banks make money from you – and how to make a bit back for yourself

Bank bashing… it’s the great Australian pastime along with backyard cricket and a snag on the barbie. The mongrels! Gouging the average punter for every last cent. Read more
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4 ways women are better with finances than men

There’s no denying the latest facts - the female of the species is a safer financial bet. Read more
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9 in 10 Australians want more competition in lending

Yet only 15 per cent know about the credit reform driving change. Read more
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Credit Score Myths

With so much information available online, it can be tough to separate the fact from fiction. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve busted the eight biggest credit score myths. Read more
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Six steps to ‘adulting’ with money

A big part of being smart with money is knowing what things you need to do and what order to do them in. Ben Nash outlines the six key steps you need to follow to make smart choices and ‘get your adult on’ with money. Read more
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Free Credit Score | Discover Yours Now

Did you know its super simple to find out your credit score? You don’t need to be credit savvy to find yours; it takes less than 60 seconds and is 100% free. Read more
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Changes To Your Credit Report

NAB has commenced its roll out of Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) which may impact your credit score. Read more