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Changes To Your Credit Report

NAB has commenced its roll out of Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) which may impact your credit score. Read more
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Understanding Your Credit Score

Learn more about your credit score and understand how your credit score is calculated, as it could help boost your confidence when you apply for credit. Read more
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Free Credit Score | Discover Yours Now

Did you know its super simple to find out your credit score? You don’t need to be credit savvy to find yours; it takes less than 60 seconds and is 100% free. Read more
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How To Improve Your Credit Score

We've compiled five ways in a short video on how to improve your credit score. Read more
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Credit Score Infographic - how is your credit score calculated?

Have you ever wondered what actually makes up your credit score? Find out here. Read more
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What Comprehensive Credit Reporting means for you and your credit score

A new fairer system of credit reporting is being rolled out across Australia called Comprehensive Credit Reporting. Read more
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5 ways to improve your credit score

These five steps to improving your credit score can help you turn your score into an Excellent credit score! Read more
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Credit Score Myths

With so much information available online, it can be tough to separate the fact from fiction. To help you cut through the noise, we’ve busted the eight biggest credit score myths. Read more
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How do monthly repayments affect my credit file?

The new comprehensive credit reporting (CCR) system may be beneficial to you as it can record 'good credit behaviour' on your credit report, like making monthly repayments on time, rather than solely 'negative' events. Read more
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9 in 10 Australians want more competition in lending

Yet only 15 per cent know about the credit reform driving change. Read more