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A credit score is a number which summarises the credit information from your credit report. Credit scores are just one indicator of your credit risk and may be used by credit providers like banks and credit card companies to help understand how responsible you are to lend to. Generally, a higher credit score is considered better as it indicates lower risk. Your credit score from GetCreditScore is generated by Australia’s leading credit bureau, Equifax, and is a number between 0 and 1200.
Your credit score with GetCreditScore is calculated based on your current situation and past behaviour as reported to Equifax, Australia’s leading credit bureau. This may include credit limits, your repayment history, overdue debts, how often you’ve asked for credit and the types of loans or credit you’ve applied for, the frequency of your credit applications, and several other factors. Your credit score from GetCreditScore is based on the Equifax Credit Score Model.
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