4 ways women are better with finances than men

4 ways women are better with finances than men
There’s no denying the latest facts - the female of the species is a safer financial bet. 

On average, women have higher credit scores than men.
Are you surprised by the latest findings from Veda, Australia’s leading credit reporting agency? 
In October 2015, Veda released their third annual Australian Credit Scorecard. The scorecard looks into the finances of 1,000 Aussies and analyses over 2 million VedaScores. 

Wait, what’s a VedaScore? A VedaScore is any number from 0-1,200 that summarises information on a person’s credit file at a point in time. The higher the score, the more creditworthy the individual. The national average in 2015 was 771. 

The results of the scorecard raised a few eyebrows. Most curious was the contrast in credit scores between men and women. Brace yourself, boys. 

Fact 1: Women are better than men.
When it comes to credit scores, anyway. In 2015, the average score of an Australian man was 766 (ahem, lower than the national average) compared to a woman’s 778. 

Fact 2: Women care more than men. 
20% of men ‘don’t really care about their credit score’ compared to 15% of women. Nice. 

Fact 3: Woman are more ambitious. 
52% of women are ambitious and focused on achieving their financial goals, compared to 47% of men. Better watch your backs.  

Fact 4: Men seek the good life.
24% of men say they overspend because they work hard and earn plenty so deserve ‘the good life’. Just 13% of women agree. 

Sorry guys, but you can’t deny the scorecard science.

If you’re a man in denial/outrage, there’s a fast way to settle the debate on a personal level. Find your nearest female, head to getcreditscore.com.au and get your free individual credit scores in minutes. Let the battle commence! 

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